All I see is pretty

Hi pretty people! As you might have seen I started a new hashtag at Instagram called #alliseeispretty because that's what matters the most to me when I take photos. I want to find the pretty in everything I do. It can be dark, moody and quiet, but the word pretty is how I capture the feeling. 

Another reason for me to create this post was to find another way to encourage my friends at Instagram to follow and use the hashtag to keep up with all the amazing work that we create together. There are so many hashtags but I hope this one will be filled with a lot of wonderful pretty pictures from around the globe. A hashtag that can grow organically as time goes by, something to go to when you needinspiration or when you want to connect with beautiful souls. 

The British poured their tea instead of coffee first

When the instagram feed was in chronological order, it was easy to follow your friends around the globe. You could track every first cup of coffee in the morning, everything followed the rhythm of the sun. When I woke up I could see morning cups of coffees from my friends in Australia and Asia and as the day went by my lovely friends in US was seeing a new dawn, pouring their first cup. Everyone around Europe followed the same routine as I did. Only the British poured their tea instead of coffee first. 

It was kind of magical. But now things are changing and I'm trying to stay positive and adopt to the new roads that Instagram is taking for us. To be able to show of your work, hashtags is a great way of staying on top of whats happening on Instagram, because they still works in chronological order. All except for the nine top pictures that changes and looks different for everyone but usually you find some great work there and pictures that the people of Instagram likes, and I like it too! But don't forget about the rest of the posts further down. 

Back to my hashtag #alliseeispretty. It already has more than 300 posts and its getting more and more wonderful as we speak. I wanted to kick of this blog (I have been thinking about blogging for a while now) with posting a few of my favorites fro the hashtag there. I will continue to do that, so please support the content there and we will all benefit! Below is a collection of pictures from the hashtag #alliseeispretty. If you click on a photo you will go directly to the artists’ Instagram gallery. 


For me, Instagram has always been about the love of art and beautiful connections. I have met so many friends at Instagram and I love this creative corner of the world that you can freely show your art, exactly the way you like it. 

I’m not sure what my blog will be about but I think I will write about thing that brings happiness, love and pretty. I work full time as a photographer, stylist and instagrammer. I want to show my work here but also more of what I do everyday. I want to show pictures that matters and I wish to write warming words about comfort, joy and pretty that wants to be read by pretty souls like you. 

A little fine art print shop

I’m happy to have you here, so please stay for a while. I have a lot of photos on my web site. And I also have a little fine art print shop. If you wish to get a print from me that is not in the shop, just let me know and I can sort it out for you. 

If there is anything that you want to know about me, how I photograph, how lights matters, when I take pictures, more about my family, what my favorite cafe is or simply anything, just let me know. I will try to make this blog that is larger than me and something for all of us, because all I see is pretty. Let's start from there. 

Love Malin

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